Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blogging Survivor: San Juan del Sur - "Kids go to summer camp longer than we're out here."

This week's episode began with the Coyopa Tribe trying to explain to Keith why he received votes along with Dale, without specifically telling him that he was the old and racist guy that nobody liked just in case they needed him at the next vote.

While tension was riding high at Coyopa, Hunahpu received a "Tree Mail" telling them to pack up their belongings for the much anticipated merge.

The newly merged "Hoyopa" tribe was rewarded with a feast, which allowed the Hunahpu tribe to eat even more after they had plowed through their entire allotment of food in less than half of the game.

Jeremy immediately sought out Jon to form an alliance of the most physically fit players in the game, and they rounded it out with Missy, Baylor, Natalie, Julie and Jaclyn just to make sure that their physical advantage was effectively negated.

However, with Josh having protected Baylor earlier in game, Baylor felt the need to explain her position to him, or as anyone else would have called it, "outing her alliance."

Having plowed through three different husbands and run a cheerleader school, Missy was hoping that her daughter would have turned out just a little more like her and just swept Josh's leg without tipping him off.

"Baylor is 20, and sometimes she acts like she's 30, and sometimes she acts like she's 10. She has a need to please."

Sadly, before Baylor Wilson ever moved to Nashville to attend college and pursue a music career she had already been raising a child...Her mother, Missy. 

Realizing that Baylor was no longer in his alliance, Josh approached Jon and Jaclyn about the prospect of getting rid of Jeremy, which once again left Jon and Jaclyn as the swing vote in the game.

After pretending to be likable, Julie proved that she really was low enough to be John Rocker's girlfriend, as she stole some trail mix from the merger feast and hid it in her bag instead of bringing it back to the new tribe for everyone to share.

With suspicions running high, Jon went through Julie's bag and found the missing bag of trail mix.

Anybody else been waiting their whole life to see John Rocker in a see through shirt and a totally bitchin' belt clip? Yeah, me neither. 

Wes was less than pleased with Julie saying, "It's one of the most selfish things you can do in Survivor." Of course, he and the rest of the tribe ate the trail mix contraband before they confronted Julie about it.

While Julie McGee no longer had her secret stash of trail mix, at least she had her not so secret reserve of Botox and silicon to survive off of. 

The first Individual Immunity Challenge required each player to balance a ball on a platform without dropping it, with a second ball being added as time went on to make things even more difficult.

As good as Reed and Josh claimed to be at juggling balls, both were quickly eliminated. The finals came down to a father against son match-up, with Keith defeating Wes.

Back at camp, Alec kept yelling about how much he'd love some trail mix, which was an obvious jab at Julie for eating all of the M and M's.

Jeremy and Jon targeted Josh because they thought he was the only player on the other side of their alliance who was competent enough to play the game against them.

Meanwhile, Josh campaigned to split up Jon and Jaclyn since they were the most powerful "loved ones" duo left in the game.

Anticipating backlash against the couples, Jon and Jaclyn decided to turn against Jeremy so they could keep more couples in the game and take the target off of themselves.

Realizing that her new tribe had turned against her, Julie called Jeff Probst to meet with her and made up a story about being so co-dependent on John that she was unable to continue in the game since there were other couples left, and that reminded her of how she missed her racist little redneckie-poo.

Well, maybe the co-dependency thing wasn't made up, but she really was just upset because she had been caught red handed stealing food and didn't want to deal with it face to face, so she chose the easy way out, kind of like Colton Cumbie's boyfriend did.

True to form, Jeff Probst was not at all happy that somebody was voluntarily quitting the game.

And in reference to Julie's decision to walk out of the game and on her alliance, Jeff scolded, "Kids go to summer camp longer than we're out here...Because it's quite possibly a million dollar quit for someone else."

But despite Jeff Probst's anger, Julie McGee quit Survivor to go back to being John Rocker's blow up doll. 

Jeff broke the news to the rest of the players by saying, "Bad news and good news. Bad news is if you were in an alliance with Julie, you just lost a member."

The good news was for Jeremy, as Jeff announced that there would be no Tribal Council, which kept him from getting back-doored by Jon and Jaclyn.

In fact, Jeremy was so clueless about their plan that he was actually pissed at Julie for "messing up" his plans.

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