Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NFL PICKS - Week 13

Week 12 NFL Results: 7-9
NFL Results Season to Date: 88-73-12

Week 12 College Football Results: 3-2
College Football Results Season to Date: 28-30-1

Week 12 Mark My Words Results: 1-4
Mark My Words Results Season to Date: 25-28-2

Week 13 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

At Philadelphia -8 Houston (Houston)

At Minnesota -5.5 Buffalo (Buffalo)
At Miami -4.5 Cleveland (Cleveland)
At Tennessee -3 Jacksonville (Jacksonville)
At Kansas City -9 Denver (Denver)
At New York Giants -7 Washington (New York Giants)
Chicago -4 At Detroit (Chicago)
At Green Bay -9.5 San Francisco (Green Bay)
New Orleans -6.5 At Cincinnati (New Orleans)
Atlanta -3 At Tampa Bay (Tampa Bay)
At San Diego -13 Oakland (Oakland)
At Seattle -6 Carolina (Seattle)
At Indianapolis -5.5 Dallas (Dallas)
St. Louis -3.5 Arizona (St. Louis)
At Baltimore -3 Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh)

At New England -3 New York Jets (New England)

College Football's Top Five Games of the Week:

Virginia Tech -4 Florida State (Virginia Tech)
Oklahoma -3 Nebraska (Oklahoma)
Auburn -5 South Carolina (Auburn)
Oregon -16.5 At Oregon State (Oregon)
USC -6.5 At UCLA (USC)

Mark My Words - Here are the pro and college lines that I would put money on, and why:

BOISE STATE -39.5 over Utah State - This could be a classic let down game for the Broncos, but Ohio State president Gordon Gee was on to something when he brought up Boise State's lack of strength of schedule. Utah State? Please.

Oregon -16.5 over OREGON STATE - As if the Civil War rivalry game wasn't enough to get the Ducks excited, this year a National Championship Game berth is also on the line. Look for the Ducks offense to get rolling in this one and never look back.

Auburn -5 over South Carolina - The SEC East was clearly weaker than the SEC West this year. Plus if you believe in good ol' fashioned southern conspiracies, there's little chance the SEC will allow their top money card for this season to get knocked out of the lucrative BCS National Championship Game.

New Orleans -6.5 over CINCINNATI - The wheels have come off for the Bengals this year. Their defense, which has been giving up as many points as just about any other team in the league, will be up against a high powered Saints offense that is just now getting their full compliment of RB's back. I don't know if offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski or quarterback Carson Palmer is the party to blame, but the Bengals offense has been terribly disappointing. Accordingly, I seriously doubt whether they can score enough points to keep up with the Saints.

Chicago -4 over DETROIT - While the Lions essentially beat the Bears in Chicago in week 1 if not for the erroneous "complete the process" play where Calvin Johnson was denied a game winning touchdown, Detroit is now down to third string quarterback Drew Stanton. Stanton has struggled to adjust to the NFL ball and NFL throws, which is a big problem given that he is facing one of the tightest defenses in the league. Bet the house on this one.

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