Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NFL PICKS - Week 12

Week 11 NFL Results: 8-5-1
NFL Results Season to Date: 81-64-12

Week 11 College Football Results: 2-2-1
College Football Results Season to Date: 25-28-1

Week 11 Mark My Words Results: 3-1
Mark My Words Results Season to Date: 24-24-2

Week 12 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):


New England -7 At Detroit (New England)
New Orleans -3.5 At Dallas (New Orleans)
At New York Jets -9.5 Cincinnati (Cincinnati)

At Washington -2.5 Minnesota (Minnesota)
Pittsburgh -6.5 At Buffalo (Buffalo)
At Houston -7 Tennessee (Houston)
At New York Giants -7.5 Jacksonville (Jacksonville)
At Cleveland -11 Carolina (Cleveland)
At Baltimore -7.5 Tampa Bay (Tampa Bay)
Philadelphia -3 At Chicago (Philadelphia)
At Atlanta -2.5 Green Bay (Green Bay)
At Oakland -3 Miami (Oakland)
Kansas City -1 At Seattle (Seattle)
At Denver -4 St. Louis (St. Louis)
At Indianapolis -3 San Diego (Indianapolis)

San Francisco -1 At Arizona (Arizona)

College Football's Top Five Games of the Week:

At Ohio State -17 Michigan (Michigan)
At Oklahoma State -3 Oklahoma (Oklahoma)
At Alabama -4.5 Auburn (Auburn)
At Arkansas -3.5 LSU (Arkansas)
Boise State -14 At Nevada (Boise State)

Mark My Words - Here are the pro and college lines that I would put money on, and why:

Boise State -14 over NEVADA - I'm going keep riding Boise State as long as they need to keep running up the score in order to bolster their BCS resume.

Michigan +14 over OHIO STATE - Rumor up in Michigan has it that Jim Harbaugh could replace Rich Rodriguez as early as Monday should the Wolverines lose this game. As much as that makes sense, don't you think that Michigan makes the call to to Nick Saban to see if he has any interest given his history of recruiting in Michigan/Ohio and less than chaste behavior when it comes to flirting with other coaching opportunities? As much as I think Ohio State wins this game, 14 points is a tough cover in a rivalry game against a high scoring offense and coaching implications on the line.

New Orleans -3.5 over DALLAS - I like what Jason Garrett is doing since taking over head coaching duties in Dallas, but I don't trust the Cowboys secondary to keep up with Drew Brees and his 3 WR sets, especially with Reggie Bush coming back this week.

Tampa Bay +7.5 over BALTIMORE - For a 7-3 team, Tampa Bay is getting no respect whatsoever from the odds makers, and they are making Vegas pay. Baltimore's run defense is not as stout as it was last year, so power back LeGarrette Blount should be able to take some pressure of Josh Freeman.

Philadelphia -3 over Chicago - When it comes to taking Jay Cutler or a defense that will blitz more than 50% of the time, I'll take the blitzing defense every time.

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