Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BBB12 (Blogging Big Brother 12) - "We lost to some idiot who wasn't even smart enough to put pants on before the competition"

After Brendon won the power of veto in week my worst nightmare came true - Hayden put Annie up for eviction as a replacement nominee. Of course Annie had a meltdown in front of the entire house after being nominated, proving once and for all that all hot chicks are crazy. Even after outing Brendon as a budding physicist and not just a high school swim coach, Annie was still evicted by a 12-0 vote. This extends my streak of horrible luck on reality television where the girl I decide that I'm going to tune in to watch gets evicted in week 1...then again, maybe it's not just bad luck and I'm only attracted to crazy women. We'll let my track record speak for itself on that one.

After Annie's eviction Rachel pulled the upset and won Head of Household, shifting the balance of power in the house for at least this week. It was finally revealed to the house that Annie was the "Saboteur" even though she had previously left a message for the house saying that they had voted the wrong person out. Rachel decided to nominate Britney and Monet for eviction, which was a smart move since they both privately declared their hate for her in spite of their attempts to kiss her fake boobed-ass in hopes of staying in the house.

Unfortunately for Rachel, Britney won the Power of Veto and removed herself from the nomination block. While Rachel considered putting Andrew up as Britney's replacement, Matt surprisingly volunteered to go up as a pawn against Monet in this week's elimination. Given that pawns have not historically fared very well in Big Brother eliminations, if I were Matt's manager I'd demote the self proclaimed Mensa member to Golden Key status until he proves he can hit big league pitching.

Big Brother 12 Power Ratings - Each week I rank the Big Brother contestants based upon their power and vulnerability within the house. Here's how the contestants break down after week 2:

12. Monet - (previously #5) Monet was a victim of Rachel winning Head of Household. Her response to Rachel putting her up for eviction, "I hope she gets fired from her job and she can get her job back as a stripper." I fully concur with that statement, and I really hope to see it play out.

11. Matt - (previously #1) - Violating the rule that you should never give yourself a nickname, Matt proclaimed himself the "Diabolical Super Genius" and volunteered as a pawn to go up for nomination after Britney won the Power of Veto. Matt repeatedly declared that he was confident that he was safe, not realizing that his housemates had picked up on the fact that he was making up the story about his wife's crippling illness and that he was intentionally acting paranoid about the initial eviction nominations. While Matt proclaims himself to be a member of Mensa, he needs to remember that being being book smart doesn't necessarily translate to having people matter how many bad tattoos you get to try and overcompensate.

10. Andrew - (previously #9) While Andrew isn't even aligned with Rachel and Brendon, he raised the suspicion of his housemates when he reacted like a twelve year old boy who had just won tickets to see a Jonas Brothers concert after Rachel won Head of House. Andrew is very lucky that Matt volunteered himself as a replacement nominee after Britney won the power of veto and took herself down from nomination, as he likely would have gone on the block had Matt not done so.

9. Britney - (previously #7) Faced with the prospect of her closest friend and ally Monet going home, Britney is going to need to make some major strategic moves in order to stay in this game.

8. Kathy - (previously #10) Kathy stayed under the radar this week, which should be her strategy for the entire game. While being annoying and a week competitor makes her an easy target, she should also be able to last a few weeks simply because she doesn't pose a threat to anyone at this time. Then again, she is really annoying.

7. Ragan - (previously #8) Ragan definitely has a mind for the game. He is yet to establish an allegiance to any alliance or create any enemies, which kind of surprises me. Ragan could get targeted as a floater by the existing alliances if he doesn't make a move relatively soon.

6. Kristen - (previously #6) Under the radar in week 1, Kristen and Hayden have shown some chemistry. While that should keep her in the good graces of the secret Brigade alliance for the time being, Hayden also rebuffed her proposed alliance, which should tip her off about his secret allegiance with other players in the game. Kristen's shining moment of the week came when she told Hayden that birthmarks show where you were stabbed in previous lives, which finally explains why I have a big one on my coccyx.

5. Rachel - (previously # 12) Having won Head of Household, Rachel appears to have made amends with the Brigade alliance, who originally nominated Brendon and herself for eviction in week 1. If true, that should help reposition herself for the rest of the game. Quote from Britney on Rachel winning HOH: "We let some idiot, who wasn't even smart enough to put on pants before the competition win." Again, I can't disagree. After all, she revealed that she was hospitalized last January for drinking too much. I'm starting to think Rachel is a little confused as to what her profession is called. Pouring a shot of alcohol in a test tube and letting people drink it from your cleavage makes you a mixologist at best, not a chemist.

4. Brendon - (previously #13) Brendon was able to avoid eviction last week by winning the power of veto. With Rachel having won Head of Household Rachel this week, Brendon is now in a position of power. With Rachel more likely to be a target for elimination when it comes to the two of them in future weeks by virtue having nominated Monet and Britney for eviction this week, Brendon just repositioned himself as a major long as Rachel's fake boobs can keep their alliance afloat.

3. Enzo - (previously #3) Enzo, a/k/a Meow-Meow, a/k/a The Adjustment, is in a secure position within the house for now, although I don't see his Brigade alliance as being one of the stronger ones in Big Brother history. Matt is either going to get overconfident and screw things up for the Brigade or bail on them entirely.

2. Lane - (previously #2) Lane can thank Hayden for talking Rachel out of putting Enzo and himself up for nomination. So long as the Brigade remains in power Lane will remain in a good position, and he is probably less of a threat to the other housemates than either Hayden and Enzo in the event that they try to target the Brigade.

1. Hayden - (previously #4) Hayden was able to avoid being targeted for nomination out of revenge for putting Rachel up last week. Not only did he make peace with Rachel, but Hayden is striking up a showmance with Kristen. All in all, Hayden is the strongest connected player in the house with his alliance and relationships outside of the Brigade.

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