Thursday, September 17, 2009

2009 NFL PICKS - Week 2

Week 1 NFL Results: 7-8
NFL Results Season to Date: 7-8

Week 1 College Football Results: 7-3
Season to Date: 7-3

Week 2 NFL Picks
(winners in parenthesis):

At KC -3 Oak (Oak)
At Tenn -6.5 Houston (Tenn)
New England -4 At Jets (New England)
At Green Bay -9 Cinci (Green Bay)
Minn -10 At Detroit (Detroit)
At Philly -1.5 New Orleans (New Orleans)
At Atlanta -6 Carolina (Atlanta)
At Wash -9.5 St. Louis (Wash)
At Jacksonville -3 Arizona (Jacksonville)
At San Fran -1.5 Seattle (Seattle)
At Buff -4.5 Tampa (Tampa)
At Denver -3 Cleve (Cleve)
At San Diego -3 Balt (Balt)
Pitt -3 At Chicago (Pitt)
At Dallas -3 NYG (NYG)

Monday Night Football

Indy -3 At Miami (Indy)

College Picks

At Penn St. -29.5 Temple (Penn St.)
At Notre Dame -10 Mich St. (Mich St.)
At Fla -29.5 Tenn (Tenn)
Cal -13 At Minn (Cal)
At Kentucky -13.5 Louisville (Louisville)
At Texas -17 Texas Tech (Texas)

This is Why

Here are the pro and college lines that I would put money on, and why:

ATLANTA -6 over Carolina - Until Jake Delhomme proves that he is back, I am betting heavily on his opponents. It looks like teams will stack the box against D'Angelo Williams and company until Carolina proves that they can once again move the ball through the air.

Pittsburgh -3 over CHICAGO - Pittsburgh is simply a better team. Cutler is yet to gel with his new team, and Chicago's secondary is weak. Look for Big Ben to have a big day.

New York Giants +3 over DALLAS - I know that Dallas has the intangibles with opening their new stadium, but there is still a football game to be played. Tampa Bay ran all over Dallas last week, so look for the Giants to at least cover running behind the best OL in the league.

Michigan State +10 over NOTRE DAME - In spite of a hicup against Central Michigan last week, the Spartans own Charlie Weiss, and they own Notre Dame...especially in South Bend. The Spartans will win this game outright.

Tennessee +29.5 over FLORIDA - I don't like Tennesse, but Eric Berry and company held Florida's offense in check last year. I think 30 or so points is way too much to give up in a rivalry game.

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