Saturday, October 11, 2014

Blogging Survivor: San Juan del Sur - "If you were a man, I'd knock your teeth out!"

This week began with John Rocker attempting to justify that he held his word when he told Jeremy he'd protect his wife by telling Val to play her Immunity Idol.

And while Val didn't really have one Idol, let alone the two Idols as she had told him, John Rocker made sure that he had told the rest of the Coyopa Tribe knew that she had secretly told him that she did.

At Hunahpu, Drew decided it was more important to take a nap than help build his camp, which put him under fire from the rest of the tribe for his work ethic, or lack thereof.

Or as Jeremy said, "I was planning on taking him along with me because he's a moron, but I'm not going to be able to."

Drew Christy has aspired to be on Survivor ever since he was on Beverly Hills 90210.

At the Reward Challenge, Jeremy was shocked to see that his wife, Val, had been voted out last week.

After an angry Jeremy called out the men at Coyopo, John Rocker acknowledged that he tried to help Val, but simply couldn't get the votes together to save her.

That infuriated Josh and the rest of Coyopo, who saw John Rocker as trying to work with the enemy.

He didn't earn any points with Jeremy either, who saw John Rocker as breaking his word by failing to protect his wife as he had promised.

John Rocker: I mean, who wouldn't trust a homophobe wearing a see-through blouse?

The Reward Challenge itself was once again a one-on-one contest to maneuver six different tiles with a pole over a balance beam, and then stack them on top of each other, one by one.

With Wes playing Keith in a father vs. son challenge, Wes defeated his father for Coyopa's first win, which gave them the fishing gear that Hunahpu won, but gave up last week to get fire after they lost their flint.

Wes ended up sending the openly gay Josh to Exile Island with his dad, which was only slightly less uncomfortable for Keith than when Jeremy sent him to Exile Island with his African American wife, Val.

However, Josh and Keith seemed to get off to a good start with Josh saying, "I think people would be shocked at how well Keith and I get along, you know, a Louisiana hick and a gay guy from New York."

Keith was a little less enthusiastic about their relationship, and when I say "enthusiastic," I mean homophobic.

"He seems like a good ole' boy, just not my good ole' boy...Josh will be one side of the fire, I'll be on my side...I just don't see a lot of "Josh's" down in Louisiana (laughing)."

That doesn't mean that Keith didn't want to see a bunch of Josh's down in Louisiana, he jut didn't see many of them down there...Aside from his "dead gay son," Wes. 

Back at Hunahpu, Jeremy outed John Rocker for not only running the show, but for his bigoted comments when he played for the Braves, which sent John's girlfriend Julie running off into the woods in tears.

Deep down inside, John Rocker is really a good guy...Just so long as you're white. 

The Immunity Challenge saw each tribe send pairs tethered together to navigate an obstacle course to get to a ball, and shoot it into a hoop, with the first tribe getting to three winning.

We Alec crashed into Julie at an intersection Jeremy shouted out, "They just smashed your girl John!"

John went next and got even by intentionally threw his hip into one of Hunahpu's girls, Reed,

Go figure, a gay guy from New York and his boyfriend helped contribute to John Rocker's demise on Survivor. 

Jon Misch ended up wining Immunity for Hunahpu as Natalie yelled at Coyopa to "Change it up," while calling John Rocker out as a racist.

But instead of staying quiet as his tribe mates urged, John yelled back, "If you were a man I'd knock your teeth out."

John Rocker Survivor: "If you were a man, I'd knock your teeth out!"

For Coyopa, Baylor remained worried that she would be the target even though John Rocker lost his cool and disrespected women, which seemed to fuel her even more to try and stay in the game.

And while John Rocker told the girls that he wanted to blindside Dale, he really wanted to vote out Baylor. To sell his plan to Josh and the guys, he also revealed that he had an Idol, which made them consider listening to him.

On the other hand, after Josh learned that some of John Rocker's controversial comments here homophobic, he no longer wanted to keep him around as a shield to draw votes away from himself.

"Ooh, I don't think I want to be an ally with this person, because they stand for so many things that I'm against, and in John' case, if I don't have to use him, I don't want to."

Josh then lead a plan to vote out John Rocker, telling Baylor that John Rocker was planning on blindsiding her.

Of course, at Tribal Council Jaclyn tipped John Rocker off that some of the other guys were starting to turn on their "all guy" alliance.

But John Rocker elected not to play his Immunity Idol, even though he feigned getting up to play it, which turned out to be the wrong decision, as he was voted out.

That caused Baylor and the rest of America to mouth, "Thank God."

A stunned John Rocker walked off into the jungle as he mumbled, "I had a damn Idol right in my pocket too."

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