Thursday, December 30, 2010

NFL PICKS - Week 17

Week 16 NFL Results: 9-7
NFL Results Season to Date: 125-98-13

Week 16 College Football Results: 0-0
College Football Results Season to Date: 32-30-2

Week 16 Mark My Words Results: 1-3
Mark My Words Results Season to Date: 32-37-3

Week 17 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

At Kansas City -4 Oakland (Oakland)
At New England -4 Miami (New England)
At Indianapolis -10 Tennessee (Indianapolis)
Jacksonville -2.5 At Houston (Houston)
Pittsburgh -6 At Cleveland (Pittsburgh)
At Baltimore -9.5 Cincinnati (Cincinnati)
At Detroit -3 Minnesota (Detroit)
New York Giants -4 At Washington (New York Giants)
At Green Bay -10 Chicago (Chicago)
At Philadelphia -11.5 Dallas (Dallas)
At New York Jets -1 Buffalo (New York Jets)
At Atlanta -14.5 Carolina (Atlanta)
At New Orleans -7.5 Tampa Bay (New Orleans)
At San Francisco -6 Arizona (Arizona)
At Green Bay -2.5 New York Giants (New York Giants)
San Diego -3.5 At Denver (San Diego)
St. Louis -3 At Seattle (St. Louis)

Mark My Words - Here are the pro and college lines that I would put money on, and why:

Pittsburgh -4 over CLEVELAND - Even though Pittsburgh has struggled at Cleveland in the past, the Browns are playing a rookie quarterback against a zone blitz defense defense in a game that has playoff seeding implications for the Steelers.

DETROIT -3 over Minnesota - The Lions have gone from being a laughing stock to start the year, to a competitive team that couldn't quite figure out how to win, to a team that has finally turned the corner by season's end. Look for Detroit to end their losing streak to Brett Favre lead teams if he is able to play on Sunday.

New York Giants -4 over WASHINGTON - While the Giants have been playing their worst football of late, they have a must win game against a Washington team that is a complete mess from the owner on down to their coach and players.

INDIANAPOLIS -10 over Tennessee - With the Colts needing to win this game to make the playoffs there's no way I'm betting against Peyton Manning at home. I look for the Colts to bring their "A" game while Tennessee has little to play for given the triangular power struggle between Bud Adams, Jeff Fisher and Vince Young.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NFL PICKS - Week 16

Week 15 NFL Results: 10-6
NFL Results Season to Date: 116-91-13

Week 15 College Football Results: 0-0
College Football Results Season to Date: 32-30-2

Week 15 Mark My Words Results: 2-2
Mark My Words Results Season to Date: 31-34-3

Week 16 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

At Pittsburgh -15 Carolina (Pittsburgh)

Dallas -7 At Arizona (Dallas)

At Miami -3.5 Detroit (Detroit)
At Philadelphia -14 Minnesota (Philadelphia)
At Jacksonville -7 Washington (Washington)
At St. Louis -2 San Francisco (San Francisco)
At Tampa Bay -6 Seattle (Tampa Bay)
New England -9 At Buffalo (New England)
At Chicago -1 New York Jets (New York Jets)
Baltimore -3.5 At Cleveland (Baltimore)
At Kansas City -5 Tennessee (Tennessee)
Indianapolis -3 At Oakland (Indianapolis)
Houston -3 At Denver (Houston)
San Diego -7.5 At Cincinnati (Cincinnati)
At Green Bay -2.5 New York Giants (New York Giants)

At Atlanta -3 New Orleans (New Orleans)

Mark My Words - Here are the pro and college lines that I would put money on, and why:

New York Jets +1 over CHICAGO - I still think Chicago is a pretender. While I am not a believer in Mark Sanchez, I thinks the Jets corners should be able to neutralize Chicago's passing game. When all is said in done, the Jets are a better power cold weather team than the Bears, even though the Bears are playing at home.

Detroit +3.5 over MIAMI - It looks like Detroit will get quarterback Shaun Hill back from a broken finger, which should help an offense that managed to get the job done even with 3rd stringer Drew Stanton running the show over the past 3 weeks. Miami, who once ran the explosive "Wildcat Offense," no longer instills fear in their opponents.

New York Giants +2.5 over GREEN BAY - Green Bay and New York's defenses and passing games match up pretty evenly. While Green Bay has the home field advantage, they simply don't have the running game the Giants do to keep things balanced.

Tennessee +5 over KANSAS CITY - Kansas City is one of the most overrated teams in football. Now that Tennessee has quarterback Kerry Collins and receiver Kenny Britt back from injury, they are back to playing respectable football.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010 College Bowl Guide With Predictions

Here are my 2010 College Football Bowl Predictions (winners against the spread in parentheses):

NEW MEXICO BOWL: BYU -12 over UTEP 12/18/10 2:00 PM ESPN University Stadium Albuquerque, NM (BYU)
HUMANITARIAN BOWL: Northern Illinois -3 over Fresno State 12/18/10 5:30 PM ESPN Bronco Stadium Boise, ID (Northern Illinois)
NEW ORLEANS BOWL: Troy -1 over Ohio 12/18/10 9:00 PM ESPN Superdome New Orleans, LA (Troy)
ST. PETERSBURG BOWL: Louisville -3 over Southern Miss 12/21/10 8:00 PM ESPN Tropicana Field St. Petersburg, FL (Louisville)
LAS VEGAS BOWL: Boise State -16 over Utah 12/22/10 8:00 PM ESPN Sam Boyd Stadium Las Vegas, NV (Boise State)
POINSETTIA BOWL: San Diego State -3 over Navy 12/23/10 8:00 PM ESPN Qualcomm Stadium San Diego, CA (Navy)
ALOHA BOWL: Hawaii: -11 over Tulsa 12/24/10 8:00 PM ESPN Aloha Stadium Honolulu, HI (Hawaii)
MOTOR CITY BOWL: Toledo -1 over Florida International 12/26/10 8:30 PM ESPN Ford Field Detroit, MI (Toledo)
INDEPENDENCE BOWL: Air Force -2 over Georgia Tech 12/27/10 5:00 PM ESPN 2 Independence Stadium Shreveport, LA (Air Force)
TANGERINE BOWL: West Virginia -2 over NC State 12/28/10 6:30 PM ESPN Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium Orlando, FL (West Virginia)
COPPER BOWL: Missouri -1 over Iowa 12/28/10 10:00 PM ESPN Sun Devil Stadium Tempe, AZ (Missouri)
MILITARY BOWL: Maryland -7 over East Carolina 12/29/10 2:30 PM ESPN RFK STADIUM Washington, DC (East Carolina)
TEXAS BOWL: Baylor -2 over Illinois 12/29/10 6:00 PM ESPN Reliant Stadium Houston, TX (Baylor)
ALAMO BOWL: Oklahoma State -6 over Arizona 12/29/10 9:00 PM ESPN Alamodome San Antonio, TX (Oklahoma State)
FORT WORTH BOWL: SMU -7 over Army 12/30/10 12:00 PM ESPN Carter Stadium Fort Worth, TX (ARMY)
PIN STRIPES BOWL: Kansas State -1 over Syracuse 12/30/10 3:00 PM ESPN Yankee Stadium Bronx, NY (Kansas State)
MUSIC CITY BOWL: North Carolina -2 over Tennessee 12/30/10 6:30 PM ESPN LP Field Nashville, TN (North Carolina)
HOLIDAY BOWL: Nebraska -13 over Washington 12/30/10 10:00 PM ESPN Qualcomm Stadium San Diego, CA (Nebraska)
QUEEN CITY BOWL: Clemson -4 over South Florida 12/31/10 12:00 PM ESPN Bank of America Stadium Charlotte, NC (South Florida)
SUN BOWL: Miami -3 over Notre Dame 12/31/10 2:00 PM CBS Sun Bowl Stadium El Paso, TX (Notre Dame) *Catholics vs. Cons just doesn't have the same ring when it's being played in El Paso.
LIBERTY BOWL: Georgia -6 over Central Florida 12/31/10 3:30 PM ESPN Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium Memphis, TN (Georgia)
PEACH BOWL: South Carolina -3 over Florida State 12/31/10 7:30 PM ESPN Georgia Dome Atlanta, GA (Florida State)
DALLAS FOOTBALL CLASSIC: Texas Tech -10 over Northwestern 1/1/11 12:00 PM ESPN U Cotton Bowl Dallas, TX (Texas Tech)
CITRUS BOWL: Alabama -10 over Michigan State 1/1/11 1:00 PM ESPN Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium Orlando, FL (Michigan State) *You think the Spartans won't be ready to take it to former coach Nick $aban and show the nation they deserve a little more respect?
HALL OF FAME BOWL: Florida -7 over Penn State 1/1/11 1:00 PM ABC Raymond James Stadium Tampa, FL (Florida) * Doesn't Urban Meyer leaving coaching for "health reasons" seem like the perfect way to break up with his current girlfriend (Florida) with no negative repercussions, only so he can ultimately pursue an old crush (Notre Dame) after his soon to be coming rebound relationship (ESPN or CBS).
GATOR BOWL: Mississippi State -5 over Michigan 1/1/11 1:30 PM ESPN 2 Jacksonville Stadium Jacksonville, FL (Mississippi State) *The more interesting bet is whether or not Michigan's athletic department allows Rich Rodriguez to fly home on the team charter.
ROSE BOWL: TCU -2 over Wisconsin 1/1/11 4:30 PM ESPN Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA (Wisconsin)*Thanks to the BCS we are being treated to a Rose Bowl that features the Big Ten's second best team against the second best team in Texas.
FIESTA BOWL: Oklahoma -17 over Connecticut 1/1/11 8:30 PM ESPN University of Phoenix Stadium Glendale, AZ (Oklahoma) *Connecticut, who lost to Michigan this season, is playing in a BCS bowl game. That makes sense, right?
ORANGE BOWL: Stanford -3 over Virginia Tech 1/3/11 8:00 PM ESPN Sun Life Stadium Miami, FL (Virginia Tech)
SUGAR BOWL: Ohio State -4 over Arkansas 1/4/11 8:00 PM ESPN Superdome New Orleans, LA (Ohio State)
MOBILE ALABAMA BOWL: Miami Ohio -1 over Middle Tenn. State 1/6/11 8:00 PM ESPN Peebles Stadium Mobile, AL (Middle Tennessee State)
COTTON BOWL: LSU -1 over Texas A and M 1/7/11 8:00 PM FOX Cowboys Stadium Arlington, TX (LSU)
BIRMINGHAM BOWL: Pittsburgh -2 over Kentucky 1/8/11 12:00 PM ESPN Legion Field Birmingham, AL (Kentucky)
SAN FRANCISCO BOWL: Nevada -9 over Boston College 1/9/11 9:00 PM ESPN AT and T Park San Francisco, CA (Boston College)

(Final bowl prediction record vs. the spread 18-14-3).

BCS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Auburn -3 over Oregon 1/10/11 8:00 PM ESPN University of Phoenix Stadium Glendale, AZ (Oregon)
(I'm predicting that the Oregon Cheerleaders inspire the Ducks to come from behind to win the National Championship)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NFL PICKS - Week 15

Week 14 NFL Results: 6-10
NFL Results Season to Date: 106-85-13

Week 14 College Football Results: 0-0
College Football Results Season to Date: 32-30-2

Week 14 Mark My Words Results: 2-2
Mark My Words Results Season to Date: 29-32-3

Week 15 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

At San Diego -8.5 San Francisco (San Diego)

At St. Louis -1.5 Kansas City (Kansas City)
Houston -1.5 At Tennessee (Tennessee)
At Indianapolis -5 Jacksonville (Jacksonville)
At Carolina -3 Arizona (Arizona)
Cleveland -1.5 At Cincinnati (Cleveland)
At Miami -5.5 Buffalo (Buffalo)
At New York Giants -3 Philadelphia (Philadelphia)
At Dallas -6 Washington (Dallas)
At Tampa Bay -6 Detroit (Detroit)
At Baltimore -2 New Orleans (New Orleans)
Atlanta -6.5 At Seattle (Atlanta)
At Pittsburgh -6 New York Jets (New York Jets)
At Oakland -6.5 Denver (Oakland)
At New England -11 Green Bay (New England)

Chicago -6 At Minnesota (Chicago)

Mark My Words - Here are the pro and college lines that I would put money on, and why:

Chicago -6 over MINNESOTA - This game will be moved to the University of Minnesota's outdoor stadium after the the Metrodome's roof collapsed during the blizzard that recently hit Minnesota. While Chicago's finesse offense does not make them an ideal cold weather team, they are better suited to play outside than the Vikings even if a raucous crowd shows up for a long awaited outdoor venue. Couple that with the fact that Minnesota is down to 3rd string quarterback Joe Webb, I like da Bears in this one as they pursue the NFC North division crown.

Detroit +6 over TAMPA BAY - It looks more and more like Detroit will get quarterback Shaun Hill back from a broken finger, which would be key going against a Tampa Bay defense that has been ravaged by a series of season ending injuries to almost half of their starters in recent weeks. The "Suh Line" (Detroit's DL lead by rookie DT Ndamukong Suh) should also feast against an offensive line that has lost startering G Davin Joseph and C Jeff Faine to injured reserve.

New York Orleans +2 over BALTIMORE - While Baltimore is a tough team to play on the road, New Orleans has been playing as good of football as any team in the NFL over the past month.

Cleveland -1.5 over CINCINNATI - With frustrations mounting over a 2-11 record, the Bengals are imploding. Look for the Bengals to emotionally quit once their rivals from the north establish their power running game with Peyton Hillis in what is expected to be frigid conditions.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

NFL PICKS - Week 14

Week 13 NFL Results: 12-2-1
NFL Results Season to Date: 100-75-13

Week 13 College Football Results: 4-0-1
College Football Results Season to Date: 32-30-2

Week 13 Mark My Words Results: 2-2
Mark My Words Results Season to Date: 27-30-3

Week 14 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

Indianapolis -3.5 At Tennessee (Indianapolis)

At Jacksonville -4 Oakland (Oakland)
At Pittsburgh -8.5 Cincinnati (Pittsburgh)
New England -3 At Chicago (New England)
At Buffalo -1 Cleveland (Cleveland)
Minnesota -2 New York Giants (New York Giants)
Green Bay -7 At Detroit (Green Bay)
Atlanta -7.5 At Carolina (Atlanta)
Tampa Bay -2 At Washington (Tampa Bay)
At New Orleans -9.5 St. Louis (St. Louis)
At San Francisco -5 Seattle (Seattle)
At New York Jets -5 Miami (New York Jets)
Denver -5.5 At Arizona (Denver)
At San Diego -9.5 Kansas City (San Diego)
Philadelphia -3.5 At Dallas (Dallas)

Baltimore -3 At Houston (Baltimore)

Mark My Words - Here are the pro and college lines that I would put money on, and why:

PITTSBURGH -8.5 over CINCINNATI - While I hate to give up this many points in a rivalry game, Cincinnati's defense is a mess and now they must travel to Pittsburgh and face the Steelers defense.
Atlanta -7.5 over CAROLINA - Carolina has shown some spark of late with a revived running attack thanks to the emergence of Mike Goodson and the return of Jonathan Stewart, but their passing game has no life whatsoever. Atlanta should be able to control the ball with their running game or pass the ball to big play target Roddy White when needed.

Green Bay -7 over DETROIT - Not only is Detroit down to third string quarterback Drew Stanton, but their secondary took a hit when starting cornerback Alphonso Smith was placed on IR this week. Aaron Rodgers has to be salivating at the prospect of going against 3 corners who will see significant playing time that weren't even on an NFL roster to start the season. Look for Green Bay to spread the field and take advantage of some substantial mismatches.

New York Giants +2 over MINNESOTA - I like this line with Tarvaris Jackson starting at quarterback for Minnesota. I like it even more if Brett Favre is healthy enough to get the nod.

Kansas City -9.5 over SAN DIEGO - Neither of these teams have me sold in a very weak AFC West, but I like Kansas City with 7 points in the pocket given their solid running game and emerging passing attack featuring Dwayne Bowe. This line has gone up to 9.5 points on the news that Bodie Croyle will start in place of Matt Cassel, but I still think that Kansas City will be able to slow this game down and cover the spread.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NFL PICKS - Week 13

Week 12 NFL Results: 7-9
NFL Results Season to Date: 88-73-12

Week 12 College Football Results: 3-2
College Football Results Season to Date: 28-30-1

Week 12 Mark My Words Results: 1-4
Mark My Words Results Season to Date: 25-28-2

Week 13 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

At Philadelphia -8 Houston (Houston)

At Minnesota -5.5 Buffalo (Buffalo)
At Miami -4.5 Cleveland (Cleveland)
At Tennessee -3 Jacksonville (Jacksonville)
At Kansas City -9 Denver (Denver)
At New York Giants -7 Washington (New York Giants)
Chicago -4 At Detroit (Chicago)
At Green Bay -9.5 San Francisco (Green Bay)
New Orleans -6.5 At Cincinnati (New Orleans)
Atlanta -3 At Tampa Bay (Tampa Bay)
At San Diego -13 Oakland (Oakland)
At Seattle -6 Carolina (Seattle)
At Indianapolis -5.5 Dallas (Dallas)
St. Louis -3.5 Arizona (St. Louis)
At Baltimore -3 Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh)

At New England -3 New York Jets (New England)

College Football's Top Five Games of the Week:

Virginia Tech -4 Florida State (Virginia Tech)
Oklahoma -3 Nebraska (Oklahoma)
Auburn -5 South Carolina (Auburn)
Oregon -16.5 At Oregon State (Oregon)
USC -6.5 At UCLA (USC)

Mark My Words - Here are the pro and college lines that I would put money on, and why:

BOISE STATE -39.5 over Utah State - This could be a classic let down game for the Broncos, but Ohio State president Gordon Gee was on to something when he brought up Boise State's lack of strength of schedule. Utah State? Please.

Oregon -16.5 over OREGON STATE - As if the Civil War rivalry game wasn't enough to get the Ducks excited, this year a National Championship Game berth is also on the line. Look for the Ducks offense to get rolling in this one and never look back.

Auburn -5 over South Carolina - The SEC East was clearly weaker than the SEC West this year. Plus if you believe in good ol' fashioned southern conspiracies, there's little chance the SEC will allow their top money card for this season to get knocked out of the lucrative BCS National Championship Game.

New Orleans -6.5 over CINCINNATI - The wheels have come off for the Bengals this year. Their defense, which has been giving up as many points as just about any other team in the league, will be up against a high powered Saints offense that is just now getting their full compliment of RB's back. I don't know if offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski or quarterback Carson Palmer is the party to blame, but the Bengals offense has been terribly disappointing. Accordingly, I seriously doubt whether they can score enough points to keep up with the Saints.

Chicago -4 over DETROIT - While the Lions essentially beat the Bears in Chicago in week 1 if not for the erroneous "complete the process" play where Calvin Johnson was denied a game winning touchdown, Detroit is now down to third string quarterback Drew Stanton. Stanton has struggled to adjust to the NFL ball and NFL throws, which is a big problem given that he is facing one of the tightest defenses in the league. Bet the house on this one.

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