Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Video Links

Just for shits and giggles, here are some of my favorite sports related videos:

The Texas Tech Bell Ringer - I'm not sure if this guy became a cult legend on the Texas Tech campus or if he was forced to transfer. Probably both.

Florida Atlantic - Western Kentucky Rain Delay - It's hard to believe that the theatrics that went on during a rain delay in this college baseball game were not scripted. Definitely better acting than any Broadway-esque play I've ever watched.

"The Play" - California's victory over rival Stanford in 1982 is probably the greatest play in sports history, hence the well know moniker "The Play."

The New York Jets Draft Montage - The NFL Draft is by far one of my favorite sports related events of the year, and my love for such was in large part fueled by the New York Jets draft blunders that left there fans standing in slack jawed bewilderment on an annual basis during my childhood.

"Mott Fly Boys" - Players from Mott Community College in mid-Michigan not only outperformed the NBA Dunk Contest, but Doug Anderson might already be the best dunker of all time.

Tribute to Michael Jackson by Florida A&M's Marching Band - I didn't know whether to go with Jackson State's Sonic Boom or Florida A&M's Jack-O tribute from the Southern Heritage Classic, but as far as marching bands go they both bring the music and the marching.

The Cal Band's Salute to Video Game Classics - Speaking of bands, this is pretty freakin' sweet.

Legend of the Duke Speedo Guy - So wrong, yet it is the epitome of everything that is right about college sports.

Drew Brees' Pre-Game Chant - It's very possible that I have a man crush on a talking mole. Best pre-game ritual there is going in sports right now.

Will Ferrell as Tiger Woods at the ESPY's - Honestly, this was the first and only time that I ever found Tiger Woods to be likable.

The Stanford Tree vs. the Cal Bear - It doesn't get much better than mascot fights, especially when one of the mascots is a tree wearing Zubaz's.

Michigan State Cheerleader kicks the shit of Bucky the Badger - This is why the University of Michigan can't find any students brave enough to wear a rodent costume. I particularly like the part where the cheerleader still lands one more KO punch even with 7 or 8 dudes trying to pull him off. Bucky, you shouldn't have messed with our flag...punk!

J-Mac - Feel good story about the autistic manager of a high school basketball team who gets a chance to play as a goodwill token and ends up taking over the game.

John Daly Golfing Topless - Trust me, it's worse than it sounds.

Boom Goes the Dynamite! - When you take Catchphrases 101 before Teleprompting 101. Almost too painful to watch...almost.

LaGarrette Blount Punches Byron Hout, Then Tries to Fight the Entire State of Idaho - While some characterize it as a sucker punch, if you come up to an opposing player who was known to be crazy even before this game, shove him only to turn your helmetless head while looking to your buddies for approval for the shit you just talked, then you deserve the knuckle sandwich that's coming. More props to Blount for trying to fight the entire stadium "Nate Robertson style" only to find no takers from the Boise State team or crowd. Now we know why they grow potatoes and not nuts in Idaho.

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