Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NFL PICKS - Conference Championships

NFL Divisional Playoff Results: 1-3
NFL Results Season to Date: 123-148-4

College Football Season Results: 38-23-1

Mark My Words Divisional Playoff Results: 1-3
Mark My Words Results Season to Date: 37-35-1

Conference Championship NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

At New Orleans -3.5 Minnesota (Minnesota)
At Indianapolis -7.5 New York Jets (Indianapolis)

Mark My Words:

Here's how I'd bet the NFL Conference Championship games, and why:

Minnesota +3.5 over NEW ORLEANS - Both teams feature balanced offenses that can run and pass the ball. New Orleans faces a defense that can put pressure on Drew Brees and slow down their running game without moving extra defenders into the box. The Vikings will be forced to deal with a pass rush that will be aided by an insane home crowd advantage that will make it difficult to change the play at the line of scrimmage. This game should be close. If the spread drops to 3 points I'd take New Orleans, but since it is currently 3.5 points I like Minnesota.

INDIANAPOLIS -7.5 over New York Jets - The Jets without question have the best defense in football. However, they are also a mirror image of the Baltimore Ravens from their inexperienced quarterback, their run based offense, to their defensive scheme (which Jets head coach Rex Ryan used to run as defensive coordinator for the Ravens). The Colts handled the Ravens last week. Accordingly, I have to think that they handle the poor man's version of the Ravens this week.


  1. The majority of people are taking the Colts to kill the Jets this week but you have to consider how well New York matches up against Indy. Indy has the worst running game in the league, and is ALL Peyton. The Jets have the #1 pass-defence and if they can put the clamps on Peyton early… it could very well be a Jets win. TheCoach isn’t calling a J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS win but they will cover the spread. I know Indy shut down Baltimore’s running game last week but the Jets strive on being quick and elusive.. something Ray Rice isn’t…

    Minnesota and New Orleans is going to be such a good game. I was hoping all season long these two would meet up in the NFC Championship and honestly.. either team could team this game. The Saints are -3.0 favourites and historically home team get given three points for the home-field advantage… so basically this game is a pick-em and there is ONE thing that I like about the Saints and its that home-field advantage. Last week Warner and Romo combined for 7 sacks and 4 fumbles largely in part to not being able to communicate with their offence. The SuperDome is NUTS and I don’t care how much experience Favre has, the crowd can help a team and also hurt the other so much.

    Feel free to check out my picks with scores (and of course cheerleader pictures) @ http://www.lionsdenu.com/category/sports/nfl-guide-2009-2010/

    Best of luck to all this week,

  2. To "the Coach:"

    1) If you are going to come on my board and talk smack, try not to flame out and go 0-2 (Note - The point spread for the Saints-Vikings game stayed at 3.5 points the entire time after you posted your comment. Don't put out erroneous information);

    2) The moment you said that Ray Rice isn't "quick and elusive" made me question whether or not you watched a single Baltimore Ravens game this year. Ray Rice's entire game is predicated upon being "quick and elusive."

    3) While I normally wouldn't go all grammar police on a commenter, if you are going to come to The Red Mieni just to pimp your own site, try to get your spelling correct. It makes you look like a bush-leaguer. I'm not saying that I'm above a mistake or two, but I'm also not on your site trying to steal your girl.