Thursday, December 24, 2009

NFL PICKS - Week 16

Week 15 NFL Results: 6-9
NFL Results Season to Date: 109-124-2

College Football Results Season to Date: 33-22

Week 15 Mark My Words Results: 1-1
Mark My Words Results Season to Date: 30-29

Week 16 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

Friday Night Football

At Tennessee -3 San Diego (San Diego)

At Green Bay -14 Seattle (Seattle)
At Cleveland -3 Oakland (Oakland)
At Cincinnati -13.5 Kansas City (Kansas City)
At Atlanta -9 Buffalo (Atlanta)
At Miami -3 Houston (Miami)
At New York Giants -7 Carolina (Carolina)
At New Orleans -14 Tampa Bay (New Orleans)
At New England -8 Jacksonville (Jacksonville)
At Pittsburgh -3 Baltimore (Baltimore)
At Philadelphia -6.5 Denver (Philly)
At Arizona -14 St. Louis (Arizona)
At San Francisco -12 Detroit (San Francisco)
At Indianapolis -5 New York Jets (Indy)
Dallas -6 at Washington (Washington)

Monday Night Football

Minnesota -7 At Chicago (Chicago)

College Football:

Pittsburgh -2.5 North Carolina (North Carolina)
USC -7.5 B.C. (USC)
Clemson -7 Kentucky (Clemson)

Mark My Words:

Here are the pro and college lines that I would put money on, and why:

San Diego +3 over TENNESSEE - With Keith Bulluck out for Tennessee, I look for San Diego to be able to establish the run on the road. That should help set up the play action pass downfield to Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd for at least one deep ball, which could make the difference in this game. Chris Johnson could have a big day running between the tackles as opposed to outside against San Diego's depleted interior DL.

NEW ORLEANS -14 over Tampa Bay - New Orleans' secondary has been vulnerable of late in their defensive backfield and their pass protection. Tampa Bay has been unable to throw the ball downfield consistently, nor have they been able to rush the passer. I look for New Orleans to win in a blowout.

ARIZONA -14 over St. Louis - St. Louis is starting a third string quarterback against an aggressive Arizona secondary. Look for Arizona's offense to score at will on the St. Louis defense.

SAN FRANCISCO -12 over Detroit - Detroit is starting their third string quarterback against a strong 49'er defense. While Frank Gore should be able to run against Detroit's front 7, the key to this game will be Alex Smith exploiting Detroit's secondary, which has lacked talent all season, and is now even more depleted due to injury. If Smith can't pull this one off, he'll likely be out of a job.


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