Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 - Makeovers!!!!

I know that I'm a few episodes behind. I'm going to burn my Tivo and get caught up as quick as I can. But let's take some time and go over the best episode of every cycle, the makeover! Here is a brief overview of what Tyra had in mind for each of the girls:

Jessica - Sensing that she needed an "edge," Tyra took her short and red.

Sandra - The nasty mohawk is gone. Sandra immediately embraced her shaved blond look to compliment her ivory African smile.

Allison - She was told that she deserved to have big blond hair to compliment "those eyes, those eyes, those eyes!"

Nijah - Her weave was exaggerated.

Fo - Given that "cute doesn't cut it" for a model, they cut Fo's hair off. This caused Fo to be the model that had the meltdown over her new look.

Celia- With her hair in the way of her cheekbones, they made her a short platinum blond, causing her to proclaim that she was "liberated."

Aminat - They took out her "weave-fro" in favor of a more "Naomi like" weave. Comedy ensued when Ms. Jay wore her old weave like a boa in a fake runway walk.

Kourtnie - In spite of her fake tan she was made a red, which blended in perfectly with her NASCAR groupie neck.

London - They took her to a short platinum blond, which I have to say totally transformed her into a contender.

Natalie - After freaking out when she was told they were going to cut her hair, she was told that they liked her just the way they found her. They should have shaved the bitch bald just to spite her.

Teyona - Tyra decided that she needed some Jerry Curl in her life (to make her more black???), only to decide by the end of the episode that it didn't work and that she would need a redo.

Tahlia - Went from brown to a big blond weave.

After the makeovers, the girls had a "light yourself and find the camera" photo shoot in which they were to self direct and shine hand held lights on themselves. Teyona, in spite of her Jerry Curls, nailed her pose and finished first. Celia was called second after overshadowing the primary models when she posed in the background and "just getting it" when she was the primary model. Allison finished a solid third for her unique look and ability to find the camera.

The final two models called were Fo and Jessica. This was one of ANTM's classic wake-up calls, as Fo was taken to task for having a meltdown over her new look while all the Judges felt that it only enhanced her ability to compete. On the other hand, Jessica's beauty was just not showing through in her photographs, and she was sent home.

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