Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bar Trivia Team Names

-My poop celebrated St. Paddy's Day a day late! (3/19/18)

-Next year Michigan State and Penn State will play in the Sexual Assault Bowl: Girls vs. Guys! (2/12/18)

-If Melania divorces Donald Trump, can we call it a "Mexit"? (1/20/18)

-Larry Nassar is proof that you really can find a job you love doing! (1/20/18)

-The upcoming election isn't about Roy Moore, it's about whether Alabama should still be allowed to be a state. (11/21/17)

-Kevin Spacey his no longer a threat to kids, he got a pedi-cure. (11/6/17)

-Two phillies, one Breeders Cup. (11/4/17)

-Somebody took "Burning Man" too literally. (9/4/17)

-Cops refusing to hold the flag in Cleveland is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black...Wait, am I allowed to say that? 9/3/17)

-I kept my eclipse glasses to wear when I masturbate! #PreventBlindness (8/21/17)

-Thanks Alt-right, now white guys can't buy Dodge Challengers anymore! (8/15/17)

-Quick, somebody needs to introduce Usher to Aaron Carter! (8/5/17)

-Hairstylists are only a crazy name away from being strippers. (8/4/17)

-Kid Rock the Vote: D.C. pussy for his Detroit constituents! (8/2/17)

-When Donald Trump, Jr. burps, do you thinks he giggles when he says, "pardon me"? (7/30/17)

-Minnesota is the most progressive state, their cops shoot white chicks. (7/28/17)

-If Joanie really loved Chachi, she would have let him put it in her Trach hole. (4/24/17)

-Mary Tyler no-Moore. (1/25/17)

-Hulk Hogan made a sex tape? "Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania cums on you!?!" (7/25/15)

-The Masters stopped being sexist when Augusta National admitted Condoleza Rice...Now they just need to start admitting black people. (4/10/15)

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