Monday, August 30, 2010

BBB12 (Blogging Big Brother 12) - "Do you think I have the brainpower to do that? I can barely talk to you and lift"

With Britney having put up Brendon and Enzo for eviction, Brendon was forced to win the Power of Veto to stay in the house. Brendon, still dealing with Rachel's eviction, put on a sleeping blindfold and said the following out loud:

"It's just so hard when you feel like the whole house is against you. It was a little easier when I had you. Now it's just me, but I can win competitions. I can do it. I love you and I miss you."

Enzo uncomfortably walked in on Brendon going Debbie Boone and talking about how Rachel lights up his life. Apparently his unholy prayer to devil child Rachel worked, as Brendon won the POV through earning points by agreeing to shave his head and giving up other household amenities. As Brendon said, "What is three weeks as a "have not" when I can spend the rest of my life with (drum roll)....half a million dollars." Holy shit! Rachel has only been out of the house for 2 weeks and Brendon's penis is slowly starting to grow back!

(Did Debbie Boone write this song about her relationship w/God or Brendon's relationship w/Rachel?)
With Brendon safe, Hayden lead a movement to backdoor Matt. Britney was initially cold to that idea, but when Matt lobbied her to put his purported best friend Ragan up as a replacement nominee she went along with the Brigade's wishes due to her lack of trust in Matt. Britney also opened Pandora's Box in order to receive some advice from a former contestant. Britney chose door number 3, which turned out to be a zonk as she was forced to watch the other housemates have a luau as she was locked in a room with all time Big Brother d-bag Jessie, a/k/a "Mr. Rectacular,"* who gave her tips on body building and not game strategy. Britney's response - "Oh my God, kill me!"
*Gerald, that link was especially for you!

After Matt was evicted by a unanimous 4-0 vote it was announced to the house that this week would be a double eviction. Hayden won HOH and was immediately forced to put two housemates on the block. His choices were Brendon and Ragan, with the Brigade targeting Ragan for eviction since he had figured out their alliance by virtue of Enzo having blurted out how he and Hayden had decided to split their eviction votes when Matt and Lane were on the block. While Britney was put up as a replacement nominee, she was smart enough to quickly lobby Enzo for his vote, and Brendon was unanimously evicted.

Big Brother 12 Power Ratings - Each week I rank the Big Brother contestants based upon their power and vulnerability within the house. Here's how the contestants break down after week 7:

5. Ragan - (previously #4) Ragan has to win the Power of Veto or he's going to the jury house, which could be his worst nightmare since earlier in the week he worried, "I'm mortified because I'm thinking, oh my God, in the Jury House they've cloned Rachel," which sounds just like that movie Michael Keaton made, only with tequila and herpes instead of pizza.

4. Britney - (previously #3) Britney may have come about as far as she can go unless she wins Head of Household next week, but she's definitely working Lane to the best of her God given abilities. And when I say "God given," I mean from a plastic surgeon. First Britney threatened Lane, "If you are really in an alliance with somebody else and you're just playing me for a fool and I see that I'm going to kill you." Lane's response, "Do you think I have the brainpower to do that? I can barely talk to you and lift." She went on to chastise Lane for even considering putting her up as a pawn against Ragan instead of Hayden, his secret alliance member...

3. Lane - (previously #2) ....And by the power of boobs - Lane nominated his alliance member Hayden for eviction instead of Britney. Keep in mind that Lane is aware of the fact that Britney happens to have a fiance back home. At least we know that Lane doesn't actually need the $500k grand prize since Britney blabbed to the house that he already has money by virtue of a token job with his family's oil business. By now I'm starting to think that the only dudes who didn't get played by a girl in BB12 were Enzo and Rachel.

2. Enzo - (previously #6) Enzo was once again nominated, this time as a pawn to go up against Ragan. With a vote from Hayden to stay in the house definitely in his favor, Britney has no choice but to vote the same way and secure Enzo's spot in the Final Four since Lane holds the tie-breaking vote as Head of Household.

1. Hayden - (previously #1) Hayden was the driving force in the bold move to vote out alliance member Matt, who he noted, "thinks he owns this place." Unless Lane breaks off from the Brigade to join Britney and Ragan, that move could be the deciding factor in winning the game.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 NFL Predictions

(Check out NFL action this year at



1. Dallas, 10-6: Dallas has a good team, I just don't trust Doug Free at LT
2. Philly, 9-7: Kolb and co. will score. My questions are on their defense and the OL.
3. Wash, 9-7: Much improved at QB and OL. The defense could be special.
4. Giants, 8-8: Not a bad team, just a tough division.

1. Green Bay, 11-5: With a healthier secondary and OL they are ready to make their run.
2. Minnesota, 10-6: Favre is looking old and I'm starting to doubt his ability to finish the season. I do think that the seven teammates who claimed to to have received a text from Favre last month indicating that he was retiring was a practical joke in response to his sweatheart deal that allows him to skip training camp while they labored through two a days.
3. Detroit, 7-9: This team should be competitive, they're just limited by an extremely difficult schedule.
4. Chicago, 4-12: Mike Martz offense + Tampa 2 defense ='s recipe for disaster and Lovie's job.

1. New Orleans, 11-5: They lost some depth from last year but their core remains.
2. Atlanta, 10-6: Atlanta should get back on track, but they are a few free agents away from elite.
3. Carolina, 6-10: Matt Moore should be an upgrade at QB. They still need help for Steve Smith.
4. Tampa Bay, 3-13: The Bucs upgraded their DL and WR's this off season, but they need another year.

1. San Francisco, 8-8: I like the spread. I like the D. I don't like Alex Smith.

2. Arizona, 7-9: With Warner and Boldin gone the Cards will run more. Unfortunately the D lost a lot.
3. Seattle, 5-11: They had a nice draft, but the lack of a pass rush and a thin secondary spells disaster.
4. St. Louis, 1-15: Aside from Stephen Jackson, I'm not sure this team has anything to work with.

NFC Wildcards: Minnesota and Atlanta
NFC Conference Championship: Green Bay over New Orleans


1. Miami, 10-6: Brandon Marshall helps, but Chad Henne is still Chad Henne.

2. Jets, 10-6: I love the D, I love the running game, but I don't have much faith in Marc Sanchez.
3. New England, 9-7: The end of an era is here. Without a weak schedule they'd be under .500.

4. Buffalo, 3-13: Buffalo had major needs at QB, OL, DL, LB and TE, yet they decided to stand pat.

1. Cinci, 10-6: Cinci has a stout D and improved receiving targets. This year is on Carson Palmer.
2. Balt, 10-6: The secondary is thin, but Balt added DL depth and finally improved their receivers.
3. Pitt, 8-8: This team just seems thin, especially with Big Ben in "timeout" for getting all grabby.

4. Cleve, 4-12: I have no faith in Mike Holmgren as a GM.


1. Indy, 11-5: With Manning, Sanders and their WR's all healthier this year, I really like the Colts.
2. Tenn, 10-6: This team is a year or two away from being special.

3. Houston, 9-7: I love their offense, but until they make a big move on defense they're stuck at 9-7.
4. Jacksonville, 6-10: Still some holes, but I like the way they are building in the trenches.

1. San Diego, 10-6: They're not bad, but they would not warrant a 10-6 prediction in any other division.
2. Oakland, 7-9: Jason Campbell is a big upgrade at QB. If they play conservative and run the ball effectively they can improve.
3. Denver, 4-12: Josh McDaniels and Brian Xander continue to purge talent and lead the Broncos in their descent to the bottom of the NFL.
4. KC, 4-12: I think it's safe to say that Scott Pioli and Matt Cassel are busts in Kansas City.

AFC Wildcards: Baltimore and Jets
AFC Conference Championship: Indianapolis over Miami

Super Bowl Prediction
Green Bay 35 - Indy 31

Monday, August 23, 2010

BBB12 (Blogging Big Brother 12) - "I'm back bitches!" (silicon, nasty hair extensions, with just a shot of chin acne)

So last week someone from Pikeville, TN arrived at my last BBB post from the Google search, "eleven year old girls budding nipples photos." Even more disturbing, that person liked my blog enough to to click on a couple of my other posts before drifting back into cyberspace in his quest for prepubescent boobs. Needless to say I immediately edited my post from last week to take out my reference to the word "nipples," even though it only referred to Matt's propensity to wear a zipped down hoodie with no t-shirt underneath. In any event, congratulations to The Red Mieni for hitting a new low. WOOO - TEQUILA!

Last week Lane and Ragan were nominated by Brendon for eviction. Ragan won the Power of Veto, and Brendon confidently replaced him on the nomination block with Matt. For all intents and purposes Hayden and Enzo informed Matt that they were going to vote him out in favor of Lane not knowing that he was safe by virtue of holding the secret Diamond Power of Veto, which pretty much dissolved the Brigade alliance. Being able to save himself from the nomination block AND choose his replacement Matt put up Kathy, who went home in a unanimous vote. By staying in the house Ragan successfully completed his stint as the Saboteur and won $20,000. Britney won Head of Household and promptly broke her promise to Brendon from the previous week by putting him up for nomination along with Enzo.

The real highlight of the week was the aftermath of Brendon opening Pandora's Box. Brendon thought he was receiving a 24 hour trip out of the Big Brother House to spend time with evicted girlfriend Rachel, when in actuality she was sent back into the house to stir things up while he was spending a romantic night alone (which would have been Lane's dream date). Rachel, thinking she would be the one making life difficult for the housemates who evicted her, stormed into the house by shouting "HA, HA, HA, I'M BACK BITCHES!...SOMEBODY OPENED PANDORA'S BOX AND NOW YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH ME FOR 24 HOURS!"

Rachel then decided to verbally harass Ragan, which turned out to be one of the worst ideas since Robin Ventura decided to charge the mound against Nolan Ryan. While Rachel instigated the confrontation, Ragan gave her a chance to back off by calmly asking her to leave him alone. He then proceeded to rip her a new one when she refused to do so. Not only was Ragan's verbal undressing of Rachel was one of the great moments in the history of reality television, but it clearly stripped her of any last bit of self esteem that she may have retained after years of whoring herself out to guys who take Vin Diesel movies just a little too seriously.

Big Brother 12 Power Ratings - Each week I rank the Big Brother contestants based upon their power and vulnerability within the house. Here's how the contestants break down after week 6:

7. Brendon - (previously #6) Brendon on Britney putting him up for nomination, "There will be dire consequences. I promise I will put her up next week and I will send her home." Ummm...not unless you win Power of Veto to save yourself from going home this week, win Head of Household next week, AND convince three of the other five housemates who currently hate you to vote in favor of your personal vendetta. Brendon, it was nice knowing you buddy. At least in the Jury House there is an outside chance that Rachel will let you have some visitation time with your nuts.

6. Enzo - (previously #1) With Matt leaving the Brigade the game is wide open. While the obvious choice for the house would be to use Enzo as a pawn and send Brendon home, Enzo could be in danger if Matt, Ragan and Britney align. While Hayden and Lane will obviously vote to keep Enzo, Matt and Ragan could vote to keep Brendon, who at this point is powerless in the house. In that case there would be a tie vote, and as Head of Household Britney would control the deciding vote and possibly send Enzo home, thereby shifting the balance of power in the house.

5. Matt - (previously #3) It looks like Matt has officially bailed on the Brigade. If he doesn't make amends with Hayden and Enzo (who told him they were going to evict him before they learned he had the secret Diamond Power of Veto), he needs to pull Ragan and Britney together pronto. Leaving Enzo in the house while he has the opportunity to evict him this week could be a big mistake for Matt. Let's see if the self proclaimed Diabolical Super Genius can figure this one out.

4. Ragan - (previously # 8) Here are some of the highlights from the Rachel's attempt to verbally attack Ragan upon her re-entry to the house for 24 hours last week:

Rachel: "I'm in the jury so you have to be nice to me."
Ragan: "No, I don't"
Rachel: "Yeah, you do."
Ragan: "I would take it as an honor if you didn't vote for me if I was in the final three, and I'm not shocked (on Rachel's temporary return to the house), I'm disgusted."

Ragan: "Why don't you get us a drink Ra-tress."
Rachel: (with her man jaw agape) "Ra-tress? Are you kidding me right now?" Do you have to be the biggest bitch because you're gay?"
Ragan: No Rachel, I'm not a big bitch because I'm gay, I'm a big bitch because you're an absolute monster."

Ragan: "Everything about you is a lie. Your boobs are a lie, your face is a lie. The only thing honest about you is the pimples on your chin."

Ragan: "You're here for a limited time because your boyfriend opened Pandora's Box and unleashed something horrible on the house."

Ragan: "Talking to you is like talking to the most vile devil child in the world and I'm done with it baby, because I'm done with you, because your game in this house is over."

I'm not exactly sure if it was a tear or semen running off of Rachel's slack jawed chin as she was left unable to respond to Ragan's verbal tsunami, but either way it was a beautiful way to remember her as she left the house. RIP bitch.

3. Lane - (previously #2) Lane could just as easily be number 5 this week with the balance of power in the Big Brother House in flux. At this point it is clear that Lane has a crush on Britney. He even made the comment, "Britney looked absolutely banging. If she was at a bar I would quickly find her, knock her boyfriend out, and buy her a drink." Note to Lane - you are one of seven people stuck in a house with Britney, her fiance is not one of them, and the drinks are presumably free. Bench pressing your weight and beating dudes up is awesome and all, but don't lose sight of the forest through the trees big man.

2. Britney - (previously #7) As Head of Household she's safe for this week, which is better than anyone else can say until the house realigns after the demise of the Brigade. Big Brother went as far as to interview Britney and Lane's mothers about their "relationship." Strangely, Britney's mom indicated that she would support her daughter no matter what her choice was, which is not exactly a vote of confidence for Britney's fiance given that her daughter has shown no sign whatsoever of having any interest in Lane beyond a platonic friendship. On the other hand, Lane's mom indicated that while she liked Britney, she still fully supports Lane's pre-existing relationship with his hand (and no, I'm not letting that one die anytime soon - especially so long as Lane continues to have a crush on Britney).

1. Hayden - (previously #2) Even without Matt the remaining Brigade members still hold the strongest alliance in the house. Unfortunately, Enzo is up for eviction and won't be eligible to vote this week unless he wins the Power of Veto. Even if Enzo gets voted out I can see the alliance formerly known as the Brigade bringing Brendon into the mix since his biggest issues thus far have been with Matt, Britney and Ragan.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BBB12 (Blogging Big Brother 12) - "I vote to evict tequila, vomit and $100 bills"

With the Brendon and Rachel up for nomination, Brendon took it upon himself to confront the other housemates hoping that by verbally confronting them they would evict him instead of his girlfriend. Brendon's logic for doing so was straight out of a fairy tale, "I told you I'm going to protect you, that's what a knight does." Maybe it's just me, but a physicist should know better than to give up a chance at $500,000 in order to pretend that he's at a Renaissance Fair, especially when the modern day princess that he is trying to protect was given the moniker, "tequila, vomit and $100 bills" by somebody from Arkansas of all places.

In spite of Brendon's master plan to turn the house against him in order to protect the future mother of his children (yes, he actually announced this on national TV after knowing her for all of a month), the Brigade alliance decided that Rachel was a bigger overall threat than Brendon, who still poses a threat in physical challenges. Of course the Head of Household Competition turned out to be physical in nature, and Brendon easily defeated all of the other housemates. In terms of strategy, this has to be the slowest house in Big Brother history, and keep in mind that a previous winner of Big Brother Africa actually won the Jury's final vote over a contestant that he sexually assaulted. I guess that means Lane still has a chance of winning even after he sexually assaulted himself (click the link in Lane's Power Rating to get the joke).

I should note that before the Eviction Ceremony the Saboteur, a/k/a Ragan, sent the house a message suggesting that the person voted out might not not actually be leaving the house. Sure enough, Julie Chen hinted the same to Rachel in their interview her following her eviction. Are you serious CBS? First you cancelled Ghost Whisperer, then you let Annie walk out of the Big Brother house after she bothched her job as the Saboteur, and now you're going to tell me that you're letting Rachel back in the game of all people? At the very least CBS owes me Ghost Whisperer re-runs, preferably on Friday nights.

This brings me to one of my reality show pet peeves - if a show is going to have a "twist" that saves an eliminated contestant, then the show needs to let the viewing audience know what the twist is and when it is going to occur in advance of it actually happening. That way we don't feel like the producers are making up rules as they go along in order to keep certain people around to stir up drama and generate higher ratings. (The only exception to this rule is for any past or future season of Paradise Hotel, in which it is mandatory that the eliminated contestants come back in order to make the lives of those who evicted them miserable).

Big Brother 12 Power Ratings - Each week I rank the Big Brother contestants based upon their power and vulnerability within the house. Here's how the contestants break down after week 5:

8. Ragan - (previously #6) - So college professor Ragan attempted to make grad student Brendon look stupid by calling him a "ne-an-dra-thal," which Brendon quickly reminded him was pronounced "ne-an-der-thal." Let's score this one for the pupil over the teacher. Ragan is in trouble because Enzo and Hayden have identified him as a target in order to separate him from Matt, with whom they're afraid he has a side alliance.

7. Britney - (previously #5) While she was not nominated for eviction, her run-in with Brendon last week makes her a target to get back doored, especially with Lane being safe via the Brigade alliance. Hopefully she doesn't leave, as I'd miss comments like the one she made to Rachel in her eviction message when she said, "The thing I'm going to miss about you Rachel is your hair extensions. I'm going to miss putting them on and getting to be the new Rachel - 'WHO WANTS TO SEE ME GO TO THE JURY HOUSE? WOO-TEQUILA!!;" as well as, "He (Brendon) has the worst sportsmanship I have ever seen, and I played 5th grade basketball." Even if Britney does stick around this week, Enzo and Hayden are targeting her in order to break up her side alliance with Lane. Accordingly, Britney needs to do something major to shake the game up, like convincing Lane to break away from the Brigade and joining her in an alliance with Brendon, Ragan and Kathy.

6. Brendon - (previously #8) Brendon's really only safe for the rest of this week as Head of Household, although he could be getting Rachel back next week if Pandora's Box allows her to return to the house. At this point I'd almost rather have Rachel back in the game than to have to listen to Brendon proclaim his love for someone he met a few weeks earlier on a reality show. For example, Brendon said that he "would take a bullet for her, and I think that she will love me for it," and (on his HOH victory) "that's what happens when you evict somebody you love guys." At this point I'm starting to think that Brendon might be the first documentable case of a dude with daddy issues. A year from now he'll be dancing at a peep-show for shots of tequila and $2 bills as Rachel verbally assaults him for not shaking it hard enough.

5. Kathy - (previously #7) As a weaker player Kathy is not really being targeted at this time since she poses no threat. I give her props for standing up to Rachel and refusing to apologize for yelling "WOO!" after defeating her in the Power of Veto competition, especially since Rachel only challenged her since she thought she would beat her.

4. Lane - (previously # 2) Lane's response to Enzo telling him that Brendon was thinking of putting him up for eviction along with Britney: "I wanted to go to a bar, find the hottest girl there, and (drum roll)....fight her boyfriend!" OK Lane, you had me through "find the hottest girl there," then we clearly have a difference in philosophy (my philosophy would have been to creepily stare at the hottest girl in the bar without speaking to her until she eventually got uncomfortable and left). Then again, who needs actual interaction with a hot girl when you have a perfectly good shower and an alliance member to watch your back in order to make sure you don't get caught rubbing one out on camera. Being that he's from Texas I don't know whether to say he hooked his horn, freed his horny toad, or rang that bell.

3. Matt - (previously #4) Matt continues to wear a hoodie without an undershirt zipped down to his belly. Note to Matt, while some people can pull off wearing tops zipped down to their belly buttons, you are NOT one of those people.
2. Hayden - (previously #3) Hayden made a major game play along with Enzo by reaching out to Brendon and forming a secret side alliance. Whether Matt and Lane realize it yet or not, Hayden and Enzo have clearly demoted them to # 3 and 4 in the Brigade alliance.

1. Enzo - (previously #1) While Enzo hoped to convince Brendon to target Ragan and Britney for nomination in order to break up Matt and Lane's side alliances with Ragan and Britney, Brendon ended up nominating Ragan and Lane instead. In any event, Enzo is safe, and his alliance should have the votes to keep Lane in the game regardless of what happens in the POV, especially since Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto at his disposal.

Monday, August 9, 2010

BBB12 (Blogging Big Brother 12) - "It shot directly into my mouth - my whole face is covered"

Here are some excerpts from lovebirds Brendon and Rachel. I'll leave up to you to predict how this showmance is going to play out once the show is over, but keep in mind that Rachel is a VIP cocktail waitress in Las Vegas who has joked that she scams men for a living:

Brendon: I love you.
Rachel: Brendon, stop it.

Brendon: Can I tell you that I love you very much?
Rachel: I don't know why you doubt me so much.

Brendon: I wouldn't have said I love you if I didn't feel that.
Rachel: You better start separating how you're acting toward me or it won't be a relationship.

Brendon: I love you, I do, and I want to be with you.
Rachel: (hugs Brendon coldly while rolling her eyes on camera).

Going back to last week, that brings us to a total of five unreciprocated "I love yous" from Brendon to Rachel. Even if the two attempt to have a relationship outside of the house, I can't see it lasting past the day Brendon finds out her bikini model gig was for High Speed Magazine. That's kind of like finding out your new girlfriend used to date a guy who wore nothing but Ed Hardy shirts by Christian Audigier - it's a total deal breaker.

With Hayden and Kristen up for nomination, Britney won the Power of Veto competition. However, winning did not necessarily grant her the Power of Veto, as she had the choice of keeping a randomly selected prize/booby prize or trading it to another housemate for a prize that they had received. With Britney having drawn the punishment of solitary confinement for finishing first, she chose to trade it to Hayden for the Power of Veto, which he took from his girlfriend Kristen while passing her the tie-dyed spandex "hippie-tard."

Hayden and and Kristen almost secured a deal where Britney would have used the Power of Veto contingent upon Rachel agreeing to put Kathy up as a replacement nominee. While they offered Rachel and Brendon the prospect of a "Super Alliance" in return (a promise that Hayden and Kristen fully intended to break), Rachel backed out at the last moment by indicating that she intended to put Lane up in the event that a replacement nominee was needed.

With Rachel and Brendon outside, Britney and Matt went into the Head of Household room and put on Rachel's red hair extensions (Editors Note: The Red Mieni does not endorse fake red hair in any shape, form or fashion). Rachel walked into the room as Britney was in the middle of an unflattering impersonation. However, Rachel failed to grasp the fact that they were making fun of her, and she even told Julie Chen during evictions that she saw Britney as a potential alliance member.

Kristen was the first housemate to pick up on the Brigade alliance after becoming suspicious when Hayden told her that he didn't care if she campaigned against him. However, Kristen was eliminated by a 6-1 vote when she was unsuccessful in her attempts to warn the house about that potential alliance. With Kristen having been the unofficial 5th wheel in the Brigade, I think it's only fair that she gets a cool nickname. I'm going with The Back Door. It was also revealed that Kristen actually entered the house with a boyfriend. CBS was kind enough to show a clip of his reaction to Kristen hooking up with Hayden as he was watching with a group of her friends back home. Luckily he was from Philadelphia and not Cleveland, or else CBS might have had to edit out a suicide after having to endure yet another on air heartbreak.

Matt won Head of Household in an endurance competition where the castmates were spun around and splattered with blasts of paint, causing Britney to comment, "It shot directly in my mouth, my face is covered, but there is a huge blob right over my mouth." Now how the hell am I supposed to write anything else after hearing her say that?

As Head of Household Matt elected to open Pandora's Box and received the Diamond Power of Veto, which allows him to veto any nomination AND choose the replacement nominee once in the next two weeks. Apparently his decision to do so unleashed a new Saboteur into the house, as Ragan accepted the viewing audience's invitation and a chance to win $20,000 if he successfully completes three sabotages over the next two weeks without getting voted out. Matt nominated Rachel and Brendon for nomination, and Rachel alienated herself from the house further when she falsely accused Matt and Ragan of being in an alliance together, causing Ragan to call her out.

Big Brother 12 Power Ratings - Each week I rank the Big Brother contestants based upon their power and vulnerability within the house. Here's how the contestants break down after week 4:

9. Rachel - (previously #8) - All season I've felt like Rachel reminded me of someone. I just couldn't tell if it was based upon the way she looked or her annoying voice. Then out of nowhere I figured it out, Rachel is Kathy Griffin's long lost know, before Kathy Griffin and Rachel both grew penises.

8. Brendon - (previously #7) Brendon probably blew any shot he had at winning the game when he disregarded Kristen's plea to vote out Hayden based upon her suspicion that he was in an alliance with Lane, Enzo and Matt. Brendon accused Kristen of making the whole story up and voted against her. Of course, this is the same Brendon who has convinced himself that Rachel actually loves him back. Note to Brendon, if you have to repeatedly apologize to your girl for trying your hardest, then the relationship is already over. I should know, I learned this the hard way...and I wasn't competing in a Head of Household competition like Brendon was.

7. Kathy - (previously #9) The rumor that two housemates having a pre-existing relationship before entering the house has never been shot down. Am I crazy to think that Kathy could be Britney's mom. They're both from Arkansas, and they seem to be keeping a safe distance from one another. Just food for thought.

6. Ragan - (previously #5) Ragan has been selected as the housemate that America wants to be the next Saboteur. While he accepted that challenge for the chance to win $20,000 if he is successful over the next two weeks, it could also put a huge target on him if he is suspected.

5. Britney - (previously #4) Britney identified Ragan as the most difficult housemate to live with on live TV, not because of his personality, but because of his propensity for flatulence. In his defense Ragan stated, "I would say that every fart has come from Britney's legs," potentially dispelling the myth that hot girls don't fart. Even if he was lying I'm still going to have that little doubt in the back of my head whenever I see Britney for the rest of the season. Thanks Ragan, I'm not saying that you have to like girls, but you certainly don't have to ruin them for the rest of us.

4. Matt - (previously # 3) While Rachel is up for eviction, she identified Matt as her next target even before he nominated her. While Matt gained the Diamond Power of Veto by opening Pandora's box, by doing so he unleashed the new Saboteur, which will surely lower his standing with the other housemates in the long run.

3. Hayden - (previously #6) Before his eviction ceremony Hayden's mom went on camera and said, "If I could actually talk to Hayden right now I would tell him to think with the head on his shoulders." Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

2. Lane - (previously #1) I've started to dislike Lane more and more since I've noticed that he does all of his confessional interviews in character as if he's some sort of pro wresting character.

1. Enzo - (previously #2) I'm moving Enzo up to the top spot since Matt is continually making enemies, Hayden is on the outs due to his relationship with Kristen, and Lane was mentioned as a target for a potential replacement nominee by Rachel last week.

Monday, August 2, 2010

BBB12 (Blogging Big Brother 12) - "I know he's a chemist...hopefully he doesn't clone himself"

Last week Matt dropped the ball as Head of Household by nominating Andrew and Kathy instead of Brendon and Rachel, either of whom he hoped to backdoor. Of course, Brendon won the Power of Veto and preserved the original nominations. This caused Lane to proclaim, "I know he's a chemist, so hopefully he doesn't clone himself." Even if Brendon was a chemist (he's not, he's a physicist), and even if chemists were in the business of cloning people (they're not), I'm not exactly sure how that would have affected the Power of Veto meeting, but I digress.

Andrew concocted a plan with Brendon to tell the house that he was going after Rachel and Brendon in hopes of convincing the castmates that the three were not in cohoots with one another. While Andrew pretended to call out Brendon and Rachel at the Power of Veto meeting, it was household idiot Matt of all people who saw through the ruse, calling Andrew's speech "amateur theatre hour." Ouch!

While Andrew had game changing information about Hayden and Kristen's secret relationship at his disposal, he kept that information to himself until his speech at the Eviction Ceremony. Even though he outed Hayden and Kristen's relationship and their opinions about the other housemates that he overheard, it proved to be too late to influence anyone's vote. Ultimately Andrew was evicted by a unanimous vote.

In the Head of Household competition Rachel pulled the upset and defeated Lane and the Brigade alliance, which preserved her spot in the house with Brendon for at least another week. However, Rachel immediately went on a power trip and called out Kristen, much to Brendon's dismay. When Rachel later attempted to apologize to Kristen, Kristen rejected that apology, much to Hayden's dismay (are you starting to get the pattern of who the weak links in the showmances are?). Wisely, Rachel nominated Kristen and Hayden for eviction.

Big Brother 12 Power Ratings - Each week I rank the Big Brother contestants based upon their power and vulnerability within the house. Here's how the contestants break down after week 4:

10. Kristen - (previously #7) Kristen seems confident that she will not be leaving the house even though she has been nominated for eviction. Unfortunately for her she is not only up for eviction against her showmance partner, but she has no idea that the Brigade alliance is gunning for her to get Hayden's head back in the game.

(BTW, to everyone who thinks that Kristen is sartorially challenged, I have been informed that high waisted pants are actually making a comeback...but apparently only for girls. In a side note, I am currently checking on American Apparel's refund policy. I'll keep you posted).

9. Kathy - (previously #11) Someone arrived at my blog last week by searching "Big Brother 12, Is Kathy a lesbian?" Unfortunately, I am unable to answer that question. I will point out that there are two types of lesbians in this world - the kind that work construction and fart, and the kind that are pretty and don't trust men. If you guessed that Kathy was the former and Annie was the latter, then surprisingly you guessed wrong.

8. Rachel - (previously #10) - While Rachel is safe this week as Head of Household, I'm not sure what is bigger, the target on her back or her man chin (see, I'm not a joke pony, but I don't stray too far from the farm).

7. Brendon - (previously #8) Like Rachel, Brendon is safe for the week. However, he'll go back to being a major target in weeks when his alliance is not in power. Brendon officially lost both his dude card and manhood when he told Rachel that he loved her (and get this, she pulled away from him instead of reciprocating that statement). There is a 100% chance that Brendon's future girlfriend is going to use that one against him someday.

6. Hayden - (previously #3) Up for nomination after his showmance with Kristen was outed, Hayden probably should have come clean instead of denying that the two of them were hooking up. Now he is not only the weakest member of the Brigade, but the rest of his alliance members are targeting his girlfriend in order to get his head back in the game. He did gain bonus points by challenging Rachel to "string a sentence together without using the word 'like'" after she bragged about her chemistry degree and intelligence while arguing with Kristen.

5. Ragan - (previously #5) Still flying under the radar. I'm still not sure why he hasn't at least been nominated for eviction for being a floater. He did declare, "I nominate to institutionalize and evict Andrew" during the Eviction Ceremony, which pretty much summed this week up....and Andrew was actually telling the truth.

4. Britney - (previously #6) Britney's not only hilarious, but she's starting to play the game. Even though she despises Rachel, she took a bubble bath with her (unfortunately she was wearing a bikini) in order to make amends and futher secure her position in the house. Somewhere in America Monet was watching that scene as she tried to figure out a way to throw a plugged in toaster through her television screen. Interestingly, I just came across a site that looks like it already has Britney listed as this week's POV winner.

3. Matt - (previously # 4) Matt continues to make questionable decisions, overestimate his own intelligence, and think more highly of himself than everyone else around him does. Sadly, I am reminded why I'm presently single.

2. Enzo - (previously #2) Is there any amount of Rogaine that can help stop Enzo's male pattern baldness? I hope not, because I really want to the see the before and after photos of him in a Hair Club for Men commercial once Big Brother 12 ends. I think I continue to make fun of Enzo because I am slowly coming to the realization that I secretly don't hate him nearly as much as I thought I was going to when the season started.

1. Lane - (previously #1) Lane declared that his idea of a good time back in Texas is driving around in a truck at night with guns and a case of beer so he can shoot at any eyes that reflect back when he and his friends shine a light up into the trees, which officially makes it fair game to kick him square in the nuts the next time he stares into the lights of the TV camera to make a stupid comment during confessional. In any event, until PETA flies a plane with a banner over the house outing the Brigade, Lane doesn't have any real enemies.